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Cardiff University was ranked as one of the world’s top 145 Universities by the QS World University Tops 2018/19. As a member of the Russell Group, Cardiff is one of Britain's top 24 leading research universities. Its world-leading research was ranked 5th amongst UK universities in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework for quality and 2nd for impact.

The University’s Portland-stone buildings are centrally located amidst parks and tree-lined avenues in the city's civic centre. Students and staff are drawn from throughout the world, attracted by its international reputation and commitment to excellence. Founded in 1883, Cardiff University combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research. Through this blend of established tradition and cutting-edge innovation, Cardiff University offers a stimulating environment for study and research. The University's expertise in research-led teaching encompasses: the humanities; the natural, physical, health, life and social sciences; engineering and technology and lifelong learning. According to the latest QS World University Tops, Cardiff is ranked in the top 50 for Architecture/Built Environment, Communication and Media Studies, and Psychology; and ranked in the top 100 for Accounting & Finance, Geography, English Language & Literature, Sports Related Subjects and Pharmacy & Pharmacology.

Cardiff University’s outstanding research community features 2 Nobel Prize winners, 13 Fellows of the Royal Society, 11 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering, 7 Fellows of the British Academy, and 21 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

The University’s global community, reputation and partnerships are at the heart of its identity. Over 25% of the student population consists of international students. Cardiff University is keen to develop this international community and offers international scholarships, worth over £2M at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Driven by creativity and curiosity, Cardiff University strives to fulfil its social, cultural and economic obligations to Cardiff, Wales, and the world.

Cardiff University has 16 libraries, 25 IT suites and is a Wi-Fi-enabled campus. In recent years, substantial investment has been made in the University estate to increase available facilities for students and staff. In 2016, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh opened our new £44m Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) on the Innovation campus. A further £400m will be used to expand this Innovation Campus and create a new Centre for Student Life.

The city of Cardiff offers an excellent study location. Students benefit from the combination of a small, friendly, inexpensive city with the cultural and recreational amenities of an ambitious and progressive capital city. Cardiff hosts numerous high-profile events, including the UEFA Champions League Final, the IAAF World Half Marathon, and concerts from stars such as Beyoncé and Coldplay. As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is home to many of the UK’s national institutions including the National Museum of Wales and the commanding Millennium Stadium. You can also find stunning national parks and beautiful beaches just 30 minutes from Cardiff.

Programs available

Postgraduate Faculties/Departments and Programs

Cardiff Business School

  • Accounting and Finance (MSc)
  • Accounting and Finance (PhD)
  • MSc Accounting & Finance
  • MBA Media Management
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship (MSc)
  • Business Studies (PhD)
  • Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship (MSc).
  • Economics (PhD)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Executive MBA (part-time) (MBA)
  • Finance (MSc)
  • Financial Economics (MSc)
  • Human Resource Management (MSc)
  • International Economics, Banking and Finance (MSc)
  • International Human Resource Management (MSc)
  • International Management (MSc)
  • Logistics and Operations Management (MSc)
  • Logistics and Operations Management (PhD)
  • Management, Employment and Organisation (PhD)
  • Maritime Policy and Shipping Management (MSc)
  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Media Management (MBA)
  • Public Leadership (MSc)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Business and Management Studies: Banking, Finance and Accounting) (MSc/PgDip).
  • Strategic Marketing (MSc)
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Cardiff Law School

  • Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) (PgDip)
  • Canon Law (LLM//PgDip)
  • Continuing Professional Development in Law (CPD)
  • European Legal Studies (LLM)
  • Governance and Devolution (LLM)
  • Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)
  • Human Rights Law (LLM)
  • Intellectual Property Law (LLM)
  • International Commercial Law (LLM)
  • Law (LLM)
  • Law (PhD/MPhil)
  • Legal and Political Aspects of International Affairs (LLM)
  • Legal Aspects of Medical Practice (LLM)
  • Legal Practice Course (LPC) (PgDip) (PgDip)
  • Political Theory (PhD/MPhil)
  • Shipping Law (LLM)
  • Social Care Law (LLM)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Socio-Legal) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Wales (PhD/MPhil)

Department of Politics and International Relations

  • Comparative Politics, Policy and Governance (PhD/MPhil)
  • European Politics and Area Studies (PhD/MPhil)
  • International Relations (MScEcon)
  • International Relations & Globalisation (PhD/MPhil)
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Politics and Public Policy (MScEcon)
  • Social Science Research Methods (International Relations) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Welsh Government and Politics (MScEcon)

School of Biosciences

  • Biomedicine
  • Biosciences (MRes)
  • Biosciences (PhD, MPhil, MD)
  • Global Ecology and Conservation (MSc)
  • Molecular Biosciences (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Neuroscience (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Organisms and Environment (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Stem Cell Neurobiology (MRes)
  • Tissue Engineering (MSc)

School of Chemistry

  • Advanced Chemistry (MSc)
  • Biological Chemistry (MSc)
  • Catalysis (MSc)
  • Catalysis in the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (PhD/MPhil)
  • Catalysis in the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (PhD/MPhil)
  • Chemical Biology (PhD/MPhil)
  • Chemistry (PhD/MPhil)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (PhD/MPhil)
  • Medicinal Chemistry (MSc)
  • Organic Synthesis (PhD/MPhil)
  • Physical Organic Chemistry (PhD/MPhil)
  • Solid State Materials (PhD/MPhil)
  • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (PhD/MPhil)

School of Computer Science and Informatics

  • Advanced Computer Science with a Professional Placement Year (MSc)
  • Advanced Computer Science with placement (MSc)
  • MSc Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence (MSc)
  • Complex Systems (PhD/MPhil)
  • Computational and Data Journalism (MSc).
  • Computer Science (MRes)
  • Computer Science and Informatics (PhD/MPhil)
  • Computing (MSc)
  • Computing and IT Management (MSc)
  • Computing and IT Management with placement (MSc)
  • Computing with placement (MSc)
  • Cybersecurity (MSc)
  • Data and Knowledge Engineering (PhD/MPhil)
  • Data Science and Analytics (MSc/PgDip/PgCert).
  • Information Security and Privacy (MSc)
  • Operational Research (PhD/MPhil)
  • Software Engineering
  • Visual Computing (PhD/MPhil)

School of Dentistry

  • Applied Clinical Research and Public Health (PhD/MPhil)
  • Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent)
  • Dentistry (PhD/MPhil)
  • Implantology (MSc/PgDip)
  • Oral and Biomedical Sciences (PhD/MPhil)
  • Oral Biology
  • Oral Biology (MSc)
  • Orthodontics (MScD)
  • Tissue Engineering (MSc/PgDip)

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

  • Applied Environmental Geology (MSc)
  • Earth Sciences (PhD/MPhil)

School of Engineering

  • Building and Infrastructure Information Modelling (BIM) for Smart Engineering
  • Civil and Geoenvironmental Engineering (MSc)
  • Civil and Water Engineering (MSc)
  • Civil Engineering (MSc)
  • Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship (MSc)
  • Compound Semiconductor Electronics (MSc)
  • Electrical Energy Systems (MSc)
  • Engineering (PhD/MPhil/EngD)
  • Engineering, self-funded PhD projects (PhD)
  • Engineering: Energy and Environment (PhD/MPhil/EngD)
  • Engineering: Health, Technology and the Digital World (PhD/MPhil/EngD)
  • Engineering: Mechanics, Materials, and Advanced Manufacturing (PhD/MPhil/EngD)
  • Manufacturing Engineering, Innovation and Management (MSc)
  • Orthopaedic Engineering (MSc)
  • Professional Engineering (MSc)
  • Structural Engineering (MSc)
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment (MSc)
  • Wireless and Microwave Communication Engineering (MSc)

School of English, Communication and Philosophy

  • Analytic and Modern European Philosophy (MA)
  • Applied Linguistics (MA/PgDip)
  • Creative Writing (MA)
  • Creative Writing (PhD)
  • Critical and Cultural Theory (MA)
  • Critical and Cultural Theory (PhD/MPhil)
  • English Literature (MA)
  • English Literature (PhD/MPhil)
  • Ethics and Social Philosophy (MA)
  • Forensic Linguistics (MA/PgDip)
  • Language and Communication (PhD/MPhil)
  • Language and Communication Research (MA)
  • Language and Linguistics (MA/PgDip/PgCert)
  • MA Language and Communication Research with Progression to 3-Year PhD Language and Communication Research Programme (MA/PhD 1+3)
  • Philosophy (MA)
  • Philosophy (PhD/MPhil)

School of Geography and Planning

  • CIty Futures (MSc)
  • Eco-Cities (MSc)
  • Environment (PhD/MPhil)
  • Environment and Development
  • Food Politics and Sustainability (MSc)
  • Geography and Planning (PhD)
  • Housing (PhD/MPhil)
  • International Planning and Development (MSc)
  • International Planning and Urban Design
  • Planning Practice (PgCert)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Environmental Planning) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Spatial Planning and Development
  • Spatial Planning and Development (MSc)
  • Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy (MSc)
  • Transport and Planning (MSc)
  • Urban and Regional Development (MSc)
  • Urban Design (MA)

School of Healthcare Sciences

  • Advanced Practice (Education for Health Professionals) (MSc/PgCert)
  • Advanced Practice (MSc)
  • Clinical Photography (PgCert)
  • People Health Studies (SPQ) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Doctor of Advanced Healthcare Practice
  • Healthcare Sciences (PhD/MPhil)
  • Healthcare Sciences (MSc/PgDip)
  • Image Appreciation (PgDip/PgCert)
  • Managing Care in Perioperative and Anaesthesia Practice (MSc)
  • Occupational Therapy (MSc)
  • Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) (September Start Date) (PgDip)
  • Physiotherapy (MSc)
  • Professional Doctorate of Advanced Healthcare Science and Practice (DAHSP)
  • Radiographic Reporting (PgDip/PgCert)
  • Radiography (MSc)
  • Specialist People Public Health Nursing (MSc/PgDip)
  • Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy (MSc)

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

  • Ancient History (PhD/MPhil)
  • Ancient and Medieval Warfare (MA)
  • Ancient History (MA)
  • Archaeological Science (MSc)
  • Archaeology (MA)
  • Archaeology (PhD/MPhil)
  • Care of Collections (MSc)
  • Chaplaincy Studies (MTh / PgDip / PgCert)
  • Chaplaincy Studies: Military Route (MTh)
  • Conservation (PhD/MPhil)
  • Conservation Practice (MSc)
  • Early Celtic Studies (MA)
  • History and Welsh History (PhD/MPhil)
  • History (MA)
  • History & Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World (MA)
  • History of the Crusades (MA)
  • Islam in Contemporary Britain (MA/PgDip)
  • Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (MA)
  • Medieval British Studies (MA)
  • Professional Conservation (MSc)
  • Religious Studies or Theology (PhD/MPhil)
  • Religious Studies
  • Theology (MTh,PgDip,PgCert)
  • Welsh History (MA)

School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies

  • MA Inter Public Relations & Global Comm Management
  • Broadcast Journalism (MA)
  • Children and the Media (PhD/MPhil)
  • Computational and Data Journalism (MSc)
  • Cultural and Creative Industries (MA)
  • Digital Documentaries
  • Digital Media and Society (MA)
  • Digital Media and Society (PhD/MPhil)
  • Feminist Media Studies (PhD/MPhil)
  • International Journalism (MA)
  • International Public Relations and Global Communications Management (MA)
  • Journalism Studies (PhD/MPhil)
  • Journalism, Media and Communications (MA)
  • Magazine Journalism (MA)
  • Media Management (MBA)
  • News Journalism (MA)
  • Political Communication (MA)

School of Mathematics

  • Applied Mathematics (PhD/MPhil)
  • Data Science and Analytics (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Mathematics (MSc)
  • Mathematics (PhD/MPhil)
  • Probability and Statistics (PhD/MPhil)
  • Pure Mathematics (PhD/MPil)

School of Medicine

  • Advanced Surgical Practice (MSc)
  • Ageing Health and Disease (MSc)
  • Bioinformatics (MSc)
  • Bioinformatics and Genetic Epidemiology (MSc)
  • Cancer and Genetics (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Clinical Dermatology (MSc)
  • Clinical Leadership and Leading Change in Cardiology
  • Critical Care (MSc)
  • Diabetes (CPD) (CPD)
  • Diabetes Care in the Elderly (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Diabetes Complications (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Diabetes (MSc/PgDip)
  • Diabetic Foot Disease (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Genetic and Genomic Counselling (MSc)
  • Genetic and Genomic Counselling (MSc)
  • Foundation in Evidence Based Pain Management (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Foundation in Primary Care Pain Management (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Infection and Immunity (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Integrative Neuroscience (PhD)
  • In-patient Management of Diabetes (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Insulin Management (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Insulin Pump (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Medical Toxicology (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Medicine (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Management of Diabetes (Standalone 20 credit module)
  • Neonatal Medicine (MSc/PgDip)
  • Occupational Health (Policy and Practice) (MSc)
  • Pain Management (MSc)
  • Pain Management (Primary and People Care) (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Palliative Medicine for Health Care Professionals (MSc)
  • Population Medicine (PhD)
  • Practical Dermatology (MSc/PgDip)
  • Psychiatry (e-Learning) (MSc)
  • Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Public Health (MPH)
  • Therapeutics (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Wound Healing and Tissue Repair (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)

School of Modern Languages

  • Culture and Identity (PhD/MPhil)
  • European Studies (MA)
  • European Studies (PhD/MPhil)
  • Global Cultures (MA)
  • Global Area Studies: History and Ideologies (PhD/MPhil)
  • History and Memory (PhD/MPhil)
  • Languages and Translation Studies (PhD/MPhil)
  • Literature and Visual Cultures (PhD/MPhil)
  • Translation Studies (MA)

School of Music

  • Composition (PhD/MPhil)
  • Composition (PhD/MPhil)
  • Music (MA)
  • Music (PhD/MPhil)
  • Musicology (PhD/MPhil)
  • Performance (PhD/MPhil)

School of Optometry and Vision Sciences

  • Clinical Investigation and Vision Sciences (PhD)
  • Clinical Optometry (MSc)
  • Clinical Optometry (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development in Optometry and Vision Sciences (Various Courses)
  • Eye Care Governance (PgCert)
  • Glaucoma (PgCert)
  • Structural Biophysics (PhD)
  • Therapeutic Prescribing for Optometrists
  • Therapeutic Prescribing for Optometrists
  • Vision Sciences (PhD)
  • Visual Neuroscience (PhD)
  • Vision Sciences (MRes)

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Cancer Biology and Therapeutics (MSc)
  • Clinical Pharmacy (MSc)
  • Clinical Research (MSc)
  • Drug Delivery and Microbiology (MPhil, MD, PhD)
  • Medicinal Chemistry (MPhil, MD, PhD)
  • Pharmacology and Physiology (MPhil, MD, PhD)
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD/MPhil/MD)
  • Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy (MPhil, MD, PhD)

School of Physics and Astronomy

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics (PhD/MPhil)
  • Astronomy Instrumentation (PhD/MPhil)
  • Astrophysics (MSc)
  • Compound Semiconductor Physics (MSc)
  • Condensed Matter and Photonics (PhD/MPhil)
  • Data-Intensive Astrophysics
  • Data-Intensive Physics
  • Gravitational Physics (PhD/MPhil)
  • Gravitational Wave Physics (MSc)
  • Physics (MSc)
  • Physics and Astronomy (PhD/MPhil)

School of Psychology

  • Children’s Psychological Disorders
  • Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy)
  • Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (PgDip/PgCert)
  • Educational Psychology (DEdPsy)
  • Integrative Neuroscience (PhD)
  • Neuroimaging: Methods & Applications (MSc)
  • Psychology (PhD/MPhil)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Psychology) (MSc/PgDip).

School of Social Sciences

  • Childhood and Youth (MSc)
  • Crime, Safety and Justice (MSc)
  • Doctor of Education (Professional Doctorate) (Professional Doctorate)
  • Doctor of Health Studies (Professional Doctorate) (Professional Doctorate)
  • Doctor of Social and Public Policy (Professional Doctorate) (Professional Doctorate)
  • Doctor of Social Work (Professional Doctorate) (Professional Doctorate)
  • Education, Policy and Society (MSc)
  • Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET) (In-Service) (PGCE/GDip))
  • Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET) (PGCE)
  • Science Communication (MSc)
  • Social and Public Policy (MSc)
  • Social Science (MSc)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Business and Management Studies)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Criminology) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Educational Studies)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Environmental Planning) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (International Relations) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Politics) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Science and Technology Studies) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Social Policy) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Social Work) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Social-Legal Studies) (Law) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Science Research Methods (Sociology) (MSc/PgDip)
  • Social Sciences (PhD/MPhil)
  • Social Work (MA)

School of Welsh/Ysgol y Gymraeg

  • Welsh (PhD/MPhil)
  • Welsh and Celtic Studies / Astudiaethau Cymreig a Cheltaidd (MA)

Wales Deanery (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)

  • Medical Education (E-Learning) (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Medical Education (MSc/PgDip)

Welsh School of Architecture

  • Advanced Building Performance Evaluation (MSc)
  • Architectural Design (MA)
  • Architectural Design and Practice (PhD/MPhil)
  • Architectural History and Theory (PhD/MPhil)
  • Architectural Science (PhD/MPhil)
  • Architectural Studies (MArch)
  • Architecture (PhD/MPhil)
  • Architecture: Professional Practice
  • MSc Environmental Design of Buildings
  • Building Diagnostics for Energy and Environmental Performance (BDEEP) (MSc) Part-time
  • Building Diagnostics for Energy and Environmental Performance (MSc) Full-time
  • Computational Methods in Architecture (MSc)
  • Creative Practice in Architecture (PhD)
  • Environmental Design of Buildings (Distance Learning) (MSc)
  • Environmental Design of Buildings (MSc)
  • Master of Design Administration
  • Master of Design Administration (MDA)
  • Low Carbon Architecture Summer Programme – LCASP (Diploma / Certificate)
  • Sustainable Building Conservation (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment (MSc).
  • Sustainable Mega-Buildings (MSc/PgDip)
  • Urban Design (MA).

University Highlights

Total students - 26,735


International students - 6,290


Total faculty staff - 2,850


Total students - 26,735


International students - 6,290

Total faculty staff - 2,850



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