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QS Scholarship For Academic Excellence

Scholarship for Academic Excellence
QS Scholarship For Academic Excellence
Value: US$10,000
Recipient(s): 1
Level: Masters/ PhD
Deadline: 30th April 2019

QS is proud to announce the QS Academic Excellence scholarship. This scholarship is designed to identify applicants with an exceptionally strong level of academic excellence.

Scholarship value: US$ 10,000

Recipients: 1

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You must attend a QS event (World Grad School Tour, World MBA Tour, Connect MBA, Connect Masters)
  2. You must start your first year of study in the next academic year
  3. You must study at a masters level
  4. You must have accepted an offer from a school by the time we select a winner in May
  5. The scholarship must go towards your tuition fee

If you don't meet the above eligibility criteria, QS has the right to exclude you from the selections process.


To apply for the scholarship, please elaborate on the below:

Essay topic:  Describe how you plan to build on your academic achievement to date to

a) maximise the benefits that your imminent postgraduate program can offer you and

b) once you have the postgraduate qualification, apply it in your place of work to general social, scientific or economic advantage.

Word limit: Maximum 500 words


Deadline: 30th April 2019 (midnight GMT)


Please indicate your full name, the scholarship title and the QS fair you have attended (example: QS World Grad School Tour- London- March 2019) at the beginning of your essay. These words will not count towards the word limit.

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Actually iam planning masters in computer science in spring 2020.Can i
eligible to apply for scholarship

Hi Nikhil, yes, anyone studying at master's and PhD level is eligible to apply for this scholarship, although you will need to attend a QS World Grad School Fair first. 

Hi,i attended the QS World Grad School Tour and QS Connect Masters on 14th November 2018 at Kuala Lumpur. however, in my QS Events App it only shows that I attended the QS Connect Masters and not the QS World Grad School Tour but infact, I attended both. How can that be fixed and I need that to apply for this scholarship.. please respond thank you

Hi Tasvir, please could you email and this will be rectified for you.

I m now intending to go spain to follow my postgraduate PhD program, I have been accpeted for PhD program, can I apply for a schoolership without attending any event? Since I dont have any info about any events whether locally or globally....
Please advice me in regard to this subject

Hi, although I haven't attended the QS grad tour yet, I am planning to attend the one that's happening in Mumbai on 1st Dec, 2018. Can I still apply for this scholarship?

Hi Aditi, you can apply for this scholarship, and will need to tell us which event you're planning to attend (we will then confirm your attendance whilst reviewing scholarship applications). Alternatively you might find it easier to simply apply for this scholarship after you've attended the event, as there's plenty of time between the event and the scholarship deadline (April 30 2019).

I wish to apply for the scholarship but where can I attend the As world Grad school tour since am in Cameroon?

Hi Nangeh, I'm afraid we don't currently run events in Cameroon. However, if you're able to travel to your nearest event, you can find the details here (there are currently no events scheduled in Africa, but you can check back at a later date).

Is the 2018 winner of this Scholarship already announced? If not when will this be? I would like to ask him some questions.
Thank you

Hi Jean, we've now chosen the winner and will shortly be publishing an article to announce the winner. You won't be able to them directly, but the article will be based on an interview with the winner and include advice from them on how to get a scholarship. 

Hi, has the winner been selected yet?

Any Update for this?

Hi Elena, we haven't, but are currently in the process of deciding the winners of the QS scholarships.  

I am currently 12 years of age but I will be applying

Hello. I want to apply this university .can you help me


I've applied for this scholarship yesterday but did not get any confirmation. How can I check if my application was submitted correctly?

Best regards,

Hi Igor, we don't send confirmation emails, but I'm sure your application was nonetheless submitted fine - you can double check the status of your application by emailing however. :)

Hi is this scholarship only open to students who will be enrolling in their masters this year, 2018? Does it cater to students intending to study in 2019 as well?

Hello! Can I still apply for this scholarship if I haven't attended any QS World Grad School Tour the next event nearest to my location is on 19th May

Hi Saishashank, yes, you can still apply for this and any other QS scholarships as the event is very close to the deadline - you will need to mark that you intend to go to this event on your application, and then we will confirm your attendance whilst shortlisting applicants. Good luck!

Hello , one of the requirements of the scholarship is to have been in a QS world grad school tour, however next fair in Medellin Colombia is on September 6 ,what can I do to apply for the scholarship?

Hi Tomas, I'm afraid you will need to apply for the next round of scholarships, as the event is too far from the deadline. Apologies for this, but best of luck if you do apply!

Please help.When I filled the phone number with the country code,it appeared as "invalid number". How can I overcome it?

Where and when can I attend the QS World Grad School Tour fair ? Can I get the schedules of QS fair including menu and exact date?

Hello, please email , who will assist you.

Hello, you can find all the details about the QS World Grad School Tour events including schedules and exact dates here

Can I apply for the Scholarship if I did not attend the QS World Grad School Tour fair?
The fair in my city is in September and the scholarship application deadline ends in April!

Hi Ana Carolina, I'm afraid you can't apply for this scholarship, as the event you're planning to attend is too far from the scholarship deadline. However, you will certainly be eligible for the next round of applications.

Is it possible to apply for this scholarship if we're still attending an undergraduate course?
What scholarships are available to undergraduate students who attended the QS World Grad School Tour fair?

Hi Paolo, you can still apply, as long as you're starting a postgraduate program in the 2018-2019 academic year. You can apply for any of our QS Scholarships having attended a World Grad School Tour event.

english literature

I think it is extremely sad to see the numerous amount of Scholarship being advertised but, not a single special one for individuals with physical disabilities.

Hi Surindra, sorry you were disappointed by this. Please let me reassure you we have covered scholarships for disabled students, with this list of options from external sources. 

Hi, I'm Marry from Pakistan.I want to know that is there any full scholarship offered by any University for Mba in Human Resource.
If yes, so how can i be able to get this.

Hi, does this scholarship applies to science students, e.x. biotechnology and bio-medicine?

Please is there any full scholarship for education graduate who want to study abroad.

Please I want to know if there is any full scholarship for Education Graduate who want to study in the US.

Hi Dahunsi, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in the US.

I want to attain m.phil leading to phd scholarship in English language & Literature programme.
How can i be able to acquire it?

Please this is my first time on this site and I don't know how or where I can attend the QS world Grade school tour fair in my country Cameroon

Hi Liforte, I'm afraid we don't currently run any QS World Grad School Tours in Cameroon, but you can find your next nearest event here

Hi! So, eventually, was there any winner for QS Academic Scholarship 2017? Did I miss the link? :)

Hello, we recently published an article announcing the winner of the QS Academic Excellence Scholarship, which can you can read here.

Hi QS team! Have you published the winner? :)

I was wondering whether you're ing all shortlisted candidates or the winner only.

Hi Hanna, we did indeed shortlisted candidates. 

Hi Sabrina, I meant about the final results, not being shortlisted. It's just that I've been checking my mailbox every fifteen minutes for the past two weeks... :)

Hello, I notice that the new date for the applications is up. I was wondering does that mean that the winner has been selected or is the selection process still happening?

Hi Robert, we've now selected the winner and the application process has been reopened for the 2018 round of applications.