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BI Norwegian Business School Masters Scholarship

Scholarship for BI Norwegian Business School
BI Norwegian Business School Masters Scholarship
Value: 100% tuition fee...
Recipient(s): 2
Level: Masters
Deadline: TBA

BI Norwegian Business School and QS are proud to announce a new scholarship exclusive to attendees of the QS World Grad School Tour.

Scholarship value: 100% tuition fee waiver for the 1st year

*Conditional renewal for the 2nd year based on academic performance

Recipients: 2

Eligibility criteria: To be eligible to apply for this scholarship applicants must have attended the QS World Grad School Tour, have completed the QS Applicant Survey, and been admitted at BI Norwegian Business School. Scholarship applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and are evaluated on their course work and GPA, accepted standardized test scores, and scholarship essay. Applicants must have attended QS Fairs where BI Norwegian Business School participated.

Essay topic: ''Explain your motivation for studying at BI Norwegian Business School'' 

Word limit: Maximum 500 words

Please indicate your full name, scholarship title and QS fair you have attended (example: QS World Grad School Tour- London- October 2018) at the beginning of your essay. These words will not count towards the essay limit.

Deadline for application submission:  TBA


Note: Business schools and universities providing scholarships in partnership with QS are fully responsible for the evaluation of all the scholarship applications and the identification of winners.BI Norwegian Business School reserves the right not to award the scholarships. 

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hello am francis
have applied for a program but needed a full time schorlarship
wishing u all the best.

Iam from Somalia

looking forward to study in any foreign country for my masters degree in MBA provided they give me full scholarship.
I wish you all the best

thanks this chance so help me

I am winnie soa from Tanzania .i am looking forward to study in any foreign country for my masters degree in business management provided they give me full scholarship.I am fresh graduate from university of Dar Es salaam here in Tanzania , and I did a bachelor degree of commerce in Human resource management. I want to pursue my masters degree but financially I am not able. I would also appreciate if you could recommend universities for me So please help me out. Thanks

Hi dear my name is Nurye Assen from Ethiopioa i will want to apply in MBA or related fields would i apply

Hi, I am looking for fully-funded scholarships in any country. I want to study computer science and related filed. Could you give me any advice?

Hello, please take a look at our list of computer science scholarships around the world. :)

Hi this is Abdul Sabor Sabiry from Afghanistan i studied LLB law and political science
Now i want to get Master's degree in Canada how i can do it please help me guys!
I don't money

Hi Abdul, please have a look at our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada. We've listed a range of scholarships to study in Canada here and you might also like to view our rankings by subject for law, with the results narrowed down to show only Canadian universities. Hope this helps! 

Good morning, I AM from Brasil and at first momento, I hope interesting in some country of the Europe, and believe too that this University is open to whom want to continue onde Mastered as I. I made my course of letters, english and portuguese on Brasil, and be very happy. Inwork on Brasil as Teacher in the educacional area and making others activities with sale to complementar my extra income. I livre Aline, and always to study on Brasil and didn't livre abroad of my Country, bit I think will be importante to me have onde new experiente out, to join good news knowledgement and get well in my life. I prever study in one free University, without need to pay anythingbduring the course. I like Americans Universities, and Europeans Universities, and like much of my Country so is very pracefull and lovely, but I don't know this University, and think be good, and Will be one good learnet. I was clear! Thanks for this oportunity. Vicente de Paula Mursci

I just need a University offering Full Scholarship for Engineering (Civil/Geotechnical/Geology) and Mining

when does this start after high school or bachelor degree?

Why should the scholarship be for only a specified group of students not the word at large. I think something must be done because most students really need help and they not students of your university.

Hi Osei. I'm afraid it's true that many scholarships do require applicants to fulfil certain eligibility criteria, but the good news is that there are thousands of different scholarships available, for students of many different backgrounds and interests. In this particular instance, BI Norwegian Business School is generously offering the opportunity for students from anywhere in the world to apply for this scholarship to study at their institution. At QS, we partner with a number of universities and business schools who offer scholarships, and we also we offer several scholarships of our own, which are open to students planning to study a master's or PhD at any institution. We also provide information about other scholarships available around the world, and try to help tudents identify the options they're eligible to apply for. I hope this helps to provide some reassurance that we, and the universities we partner with, are striving to assist as many students as possible.

Hi Laura
It is great to here that from you
Please help me to study in every University
I don't money and i need help
My life is verey hard in my country if your helping me please cuntact with me

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