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4 Amazing Careers With a Master’s in Global Health Policy or Health and International Development

4 Amazing Careers With a Master’s in Global Health Policy or Health and International Development main image

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If you’re interested in developing the expertise and skillset needed to combat injustices on both a local and global scale, the , or at LSE may be perfect for you. offers a number of master’s programs which are dedicated to exploring and understanding some of the largest global challenges the world is facing at the moment.

Many of LSE’s health policy graduates and international development graduates have gone onto enjoy employment in more than across a range of industries, including NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and INGOs (international non-governmental organizations), government departments, consulting firms, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, and national health services.

Using data from Prospects, we’ve listed below some of the careers you could pursue with a master’s in global health policy, or a master’s in health and international development.

International global health and development worker

Although it may be an unpredictable and diverse sector to work in, a career as an international global health and development worker can be a highly rewarding experience. You could be responsible for providing aid and assistance to those affected by either natural or manmade disasters in developing countries and communities.

You could also be involved with helping develop policies and programs to improve health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. Your job role may vary largely between fundraising, carrying out relief work, liaising with local agencies and authorities, and collaborating with others to set up long-term sustainable solutions for whichever country you’re based in.

Just as the job itself can be unpredictable, so can the pay. Salaries as an international health development worker can vary tremendously depending on your experience, skillset, where you’re based, and the organization you work for.

A degree is almost always necessary, and so the or at LSE should help you get on the right career path. It should also go without saying that substantial work experience will give you and your CV an incredible boost.

Global health policy analyst

Like the idea of making a positive impact on a local or global community? Want to help improve welfare, lifestyle and education? As a policy analyst, you should be comfortable with investigating complex data and able to support and collaborate with the policy and research team to devise new and amended health strategies and policies.

Policy analysts work for government, international organizations, NGOs and consultancies. To pursue a career as a policy analyst, it’s advised that you have a master’s which specializes in this area.


As a consultant, you’ll research development issues in order to help organizations formulate and implement policy strategies to overcome such problems and have the organization move forward. You don’t necessarily need a clinical background for this job as your holistic knowledge from a master’s in global health policy or health and international development, for example, means you can still pursue a valuable and rewarding career across a range of areas, including: nutrition, health care management and policy development.

At LSE, postgraduate students studying the or can put theory into practice as they’re given the opportunity to study a module in for an external client.

Policy and advocacy advisor

With a or , you may find yourself attracted to the idea of a career as a policy and advocacy advisor.

Running campaigns and planning effective policy strategies are part of the day-to-day workings in order to strengthen your own organization’s goals and influence a wide audience, including external organizations and individuals. You’ll need strong communication skills, resilience and a strong grasp of global health issues as you stand up and speak out for those who may not be able to do so themselves.

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Written by Stephanie Lukins

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