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Read the latest posts from our bloggers, and have your own say on everything from student dating etiquette to the world’s coolest university libraries. Does reputation really matter when choosing a university? Is there such thing as the perfect student job? And what’s the worst thing you could do in an admissions interview? Discuss...


Think Easter is all about chocolate eggs and bunnies? Think again…
15 Apr 2019 by Belkis Megraoui
How much do you know about Easter festivities across the globe? Take our quiz to find out…
Which Asian City Should You Study in? main image
10 Apr 2019 by Sabrina Collier
Got your sights set on studying in Asia? Find out which city's ideal for you with our quiz.
short stories
05 Apr 2019 by Belkis Megraoui
Are exams getting the better of you? Here’s a list of some of the best short stories and novels to help you unwind during exam season.
10 of the Best UK Universities by the Sea main image
05 Apr 2019 by Sabrina Collier
Dreaming of studying close to a beach, with the sea breeze in your hair? Check out our selection of UK universities by the sea.
mother's day
29 Mar 2019 by Belkis Megraoui
They’ve made a name for themselves as inspiring entrepreneurs, but which celebrity business tycoons also happen to be great mothers?

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