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TOPUNIVERSITIES celebrities by date
10 Celebrities Who Went to Business School main image
25 Sep 2018
Wondering where a business degree could take you? Get inspiration from these 10 celebrities – not quite the typical business school graduates!
Successful MIT Graduates
11 Sep 2018
New some of the biggest success stories to come out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)...
5 University Dropouts Who Did (More Than) OK main image
03 Feb 2017
While completing your degree probably IS a good idea, these five examples prove that dropping out is far from the end of the road.
TOPUNIVERSITIES celebrities by date
8 Stanford Students Who Changed the World main image
25 Nov 2016
Did you know these eight inspiring individuals all attended Stanford? Find out what they studied and what they did next…
Where Did the World's Top Entrepreneurs Study? main image
17 Nov 2016
Where did it all begin? Find out where the world’s top entrepreneurs went to university! 
5 Celebs Who Made it Big – in the Wrong Career! main image
28 Oct 2016
Things don’t always work out the way you planned – and that’s ok! Find inspiration in these celebs who failed in their first career choice.
9 Celebrities Who Studied at Top Universities main image
09 Sep 2016
Find out which celebrities first made their mark at some of the top universities around the world.
7 Olympians with College Degrees main image
19 Aug 2016
These 7 sports stars didn’t neglect their education for sport... Check out our list of top Olympians with college degrees!