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7 YouTubers Who Can Help You Improve Your English

7 YouTubers Who Can Help You Improve Your English main image

YouTube has long been more than just a collection of funny cat videos, with loads of helpful channels which can help you brush up on anything from your fitness to your cooking. One interesting trend in particular is the growing number of videos aimed at helping people learn a new language.

Exposing yourself to a native speaker is a fantastic way to improve your English proficiency, as anyone who has watched English TV shows and films to help them learn can tell you. By watching these videos, it’s possible to get a sense for how speakers’ mouths move and how conversations are structured, things which you can’t learn from just a textbook. Given this, it’s no surprise that YouTube is proving to be particularly handy for language learners, as you can rewind to go over something you didn’t quite understand.

If English isn’t your first language and you’d like to perfect your skills in grammar, pronunciation and your accent, perhaps in preparation for studying abroad in an English-speaking country, here are some excellent YouTubers you should be watching.

English With Lucy is run by Lucy Earl, who works as a professional English language teacher as well as a vlogger. Lucy has more than 880,000 subscribers at the time of writing, with an audience stretching as far as South America, Indonesia and India, and she says she aims to teach beautiful British English.

Helpful videos from Lucy include advice on, , and the meaning behind some of the weird and wonderful you’ll hear on a regular basis in the UK. Lucy also takes the time to write out subtitles for many of her videos, making learning English through her channel even more of a breeze.  

Ever wondered how you’re actually meant to like Marylebone or Leicester Square? Or what the various you’ll encounter throughout the UK sound like? Friends Joel and Lia make chatty, informal videos on British culture and British language, with recent videos on in the UK compared to the US, and what the is like.

Their channel is ideal if you’re heading to the UK to study and want to get an idea of what you should expect.

Another great YouTuber to watch to improve your English is Tom from Eat Sleep Dream English. As well as producing his own videos, he’s also collaborated with Joel and Lia for videos on when they say certain things, and what you can expect to hear in the city.

Tom’s videos can help you with pronunciation as well as spelling, including a such as ICYMI, TMI, and TBH.  Tom’s also made popular videos on how to learn English with Ed Sheeran (sadly, not the man himself) by listening to hit songs like ‘’.

If you want to have a go at or try your hand at the accents from Game of Thrones, Aly from Learn English with Papa Teach Me can help. He’s also collaborated with Joel and Lia for videos on and .

Anna from English Like a Native produces another great channel for advancing your British English language skills. One of Anna’s recent videos (featured above) compares British, American and Australian English, which is especially helpful if you’re thinking of studying abroad in any of these countries. Anna’s also made videos on how to , , and .

American English YouTubers

It’s also worth mentioning a couple of American YouTubers to watch to improve your English, starting with Stefanie from The English Coach. Her aim is to help people become more confident in their English skills, and her videos include one on what you might experience when you visit the US for the first time, and .

Another great channel for improving your American English skills if you’re studying in the US, Vanessa has been teaching English for over six years and has many videos on vocabulary, pronunciation and how to use certain idioms. She’s also recommended and you could check out to improve your expertise. 

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