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TOPUNIVERSITIES graduate jobs by date
How to Choose a Graduate Job main image

About to finish university and not sure what to do next? Get tips on how to choose the right graduate job for you.

Gender pay gap

While recent statistics have shown that many women than men are applying to UK universities, another report shows that women expect a much lower starting salary. But why is this the case?

Five Alternatives to Job Boards main image
by Ella P.

Struggling to find the right job for you on job boards? Read these tips for alternate places to look.

TOPUNIVERSITIES graduate jobs by date
6 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s Degree main image

Wondering what high-paying jobs will be open to you after graduating with a bachelor’s degree? Find out here...

How to Overcome First Job Blues main image

Adjusting to work after university can be tough. Here’s the first aid kit you didn’t know you needed.

Graduate Schemes, Explained main image

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about graduate schemes, but been too embarrassed to ask.

Stanford University Ranked Number One in QS Graduate Employability Tops 2018 main image

The American institution retains its place at the top of our ranking assessing graduate employability.

Which Degrees Do Employers Value the Most? main image

The QS Employer Survey 2016 reveals which graduates are the most valued by employers around the world.

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